A Diverse Offer

www.djokstore.ci Offers a wide choice ofMore than 100,000 products in stock and more than 23,000 references of large brands , carefully tested in the universe of the house.
Its very diversified offer, and continuously enriched, offers the models and accessories of the major television brands, Hifi, Photo, Multimedia, Petit and Gros Électroménager, Puériculture, Climatisation, Ameublement, Bricolage, Jardinage, Jeux Vidéos et Consoles, Jouets, etc. de la latest innovation au modèle unavoidable ... And that,At the best price! 
To do so,www.djokstore.ciRelies on the strength of the purchasing power station that negotiates best directly, taking advantage of its customersThe most advantageous tariffs 
Thanks to its purchasing power and commercial reactivity,www.djokstore.ciQuickly imposed itself as an inescapable actor of the house and the office, always at the cutting edge of the technology and the price studied.

An impeccable service quality
"The biggest brands with unbeatable prices", but not only!Djokstore.ci  AMet its customers at the heart of their concerns, in all certainty, always more price choices challenging all competition, but also an impeccable quality of service!Indeed, building on its commercial experiences,Djokstore.ciOffers a policy of quality services, equal to what you propose in its physical stores, whether in kind of delivery, guarantee, choice of means Secure payment services and settlement facilities, or after-sales service (SAV)Thus, delivery is reliable and fast between 48 & 72 hours after validation of your order. 


DjokStore Abidjan is:
More than200Computer and high technology references in store or on order
After-sales service (SAV)
A specialist to advise you with the equipment you need!