General Terms of Use

Interpretation of Terms
The terms "you" and "user" refer to the end user using the website. The terms "service providers" Designate third-party service providers. The terms around the personal pronoun "we" refer to Djokstore, its franchisors, its affiliates and its partners.
The present general conditions of use apply both in the singular and in the plural. Whenever the context may require it, any pronoun must include the corresponding masculine and feminine. The words "including", "includes" and "including" are deemed to be followed by the expression "without limitation". Unless the context is opposed, the words "herein", "herein", "hereinafter" And similar terms refer to the general conditions as a whole.

Independence of clauses:

If a provision of the UGC is found to be invalid or inapplicable in whole or in part, such invalidity or inapplicability shall be limited to that provision or part thereof. All other provisions of these general conditions of use shall remain valid.

Using the Web Site:

When you register for the Web site, you create a password and account name.
You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the account name and password, and are fully responsible for all activities related to your account.
To this end, you agree to:
  1. Notify Djokstore immediately of any fraudulent use of your account or any other security violation
  2. Ensure that you leave your account at the end of each use session.

You agree and agree to use the Website only to display and download appropriate data. For example, you agree and agree not to:

  1. Disseminate, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or violate individual rights;
  2. Publish, post, download, distribute or disseminate any inappropriate, vulgar, defamatory, obscene, indecent or illegal, name, element or personal information;
  3. Download files that contain software or other elements protected by intellectual property laws, unless you own or control the related rights, or have received all necessary consents for that;
  4. Download or distribute files that contain viruses, corrupted files, or any other similar software or program that can damage the Web site or a computer;
  5. Conduct investigations or, ultimately, competitions, impact programs " Snowball ",
  6. Download a file published by another user of a service that you know, or should reasonably know, cannot be legally distributed in this way;
  7. Falsify or remove any mention of author, legal or other appropriate opinions or exclusive designations or labels concerning the origin or source of a software or other material contained in a file that is downloaded;
  8. Violation of any code of conduct or other directives, which may be applicable to a particular service or service;
  9. To make laws or regulations applicable for the moment in force in or outside Côte d' Ivoire, and
  10. Infringement of any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement or any other terms and conditions of use of the Website shall otherwise contain here.

The User agrees and undertakes not to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, execute, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works, transfer or sell any information or software obtained from the Website. Unlimited or massive reproduction, copying of content for commercial or non-commercial purposes, or the unjustified modification of data and information contained on the website is not permitted.

User responsibility:

Users are solely responsible for all content items downloaded from the website. Djokstore Does not verify, endorse or vouch for the content of the user or generally any content posted on the Web site. Users may be legally liable for their contents, in particular, when they are defamatory or protected by copyright etc. If you encounter an abuse or witness a violation of the Terms, please report it to the Customer Service.

Accuracy of user data:

You certify that you are the owner of the content you submit to us and that the content does not infringe intellectual property rights or other rights.
You also certify that, to your knowledge, no action, prosecution, proceeding, or investigation has been initiated or threatened against you with respect to the content you submit, in particular in the case of a trade mark or trade name. You agree to provide accurate information about his or her personal details and any other information necessary for access to the Services of the Website and to regularly update this information if necessary, as such information is protected in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Accuracy of displayed data:

DjokstoreDoes not guarantee that the aspect of the end product ordered by the user is exactly in line with its expectations. In particular, changes to certain aspects of your order such as the size or color of the articles may be necessary.Djokstore Notifies you of any changes you may refuse. In this case, you will return the product if you received it and you will be refunded.

Intellectual Property:

  1. Unless otherwise indicated,Djokstore Has, without limitation, all intellectual property rights over the content of the website, such as source code, databases, texts, images, etc. You acknowledge and agree that you shall not use, reproduce or distribute any content of the Website belonging toDjokstore Without obtaining authorization from Djokstore.
  2. You are solely responsible for any content you provide or download from the Web site.

  1. DjokstoreMay suspend or terminate your account or any element if it considers that you have not complied with any of these terms and conditions.
  2. If you orDjokstore Terminates your account,Djokstore Can delete any content or item related to your use of Djokstore.

Awards and promotions:

Product prices are displayed on Djokstore, in the currency unit of the country of operation. DjokstoreReserves the right to modify prices, products and services without notifying the user.
  1. Discounts will be applied on the total value of the goods, including VAT. The issue or redemption of a coupon or coupon applies to the total value of the order after all the promotional allowances are applied.
  2. Only one coupon or coupon can be used per order, unless otherwise indicated.
  3. DjokstoreMay offer competitions at different and limited periods. The conditions of these contests will be available to the user on the site.

Our website accepts the use of coupons to place orders online. Good marketing gives you the right to discounts on products purchased on our website. These coupons are also used in case of pre-payment of an order on our website, by bank transfer to our account. The coupons are not exchangeable for cash with the exception of the coupons and pre-payment vouchers,Djokstore Reserves the right to cancel coupons at any time.
    • The voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotional code.
    • Good for single use per person.
    • Only one good can be used per transaction.
    • The coupons cannot be transferred.
    • Any dispute will be resolved at the discretion of management.

    Djokstore liability:

    DjokstoreEndeavor to ensure that all information on the website is correct, butDjokstore Guarantees the quality, accuracy or completeness of data, information, products or services. In no case,Djokstore Will not be held responsible;
    1. Direct, indirect, consequential or consequential damages resulting from the use or impossibility of using the services;
    2. Alteration of the transmissions of the data (for example when the user sees on the site the mention 404, 501 etc.)


    This privacy policy may change at any time to include/exclude end-user clauses accessing the Web site
    Protecting your privacy is an important principle for us. We collect information for the purposes necessary for the proper use of the Web site
    By submitting data to Djokstore, you consent to our use of your data as set out in this Privacy Policy.
    You can visit and browse some pages of Jumia without having to provide any personal information.

    Retrieving user data:

    We can collect information of a variety of nature. We need this information, in particular to enable the ordering of a product, payment and delivery.
    We collect, store and process your data to allow for the proper use of the website. We may collect information on the registration form such as your name, sex, email address, mailing address, delivery address (if different), phone number, mobile phone number, payment details, bank card or bank details.

    User data usage:

    We store and process your information on servers protected by technological and human security features. We ask third parties to verify and certify our privacy principles.
    We can forward your contact information to a third party to deliver the order. We can also use your data to detect any abuse or fraud, send you information about the website or our products.
    We may use your personal information for advice and market studies. Your data is anonymous and will only be used for statistical purposes.
    We will not share any of your personal information with third parties without your express consent. In the same way, we do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties for marketing purposes without your express consent.
    If you prefer not to receive any of the additional information detailed in this paragraph (or any part thereof) please click on the "unsubscribe" link in any email we send you 

    Accuracy of user data:
    You agree to provide accurate information about his or her personal details and any other information necessary for access to the Services of the Website and to regularly update this information if necessary, as such information is protected in accordance with the applicable regulations.
    You certify that you own the content you submit to us and that the content does not infringe intellectual property or other rights. You also certify that, to your knowledge, no action, lawsuit, proceeding, or investigation has been initiated or threatened against you regarding the content you submit, especially when it is a trademark or a business name.


    We have appropriate technical security measures in place to prevent unauthorized or illegal access to your information. When we collect data through the website, we collect your personal data on a secure server. We use firewalls on our servers. When we collect information from electronic payment cards, we use encryption using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) coding technology. It is highly recommended not to send all credit or debit card details in unencrypted electronic communications with us. But you are responsible for protecting against unauthorized access to your password and computer.

    Access to user data:

    You can access your key data by logging into your account on the website. You can see the details of your orders, bank details and all the newsletters you may have subscribed to.