Politics back

It is possible to turn your articles of following cases:

Once one of the cases comes you, hesitate us contact. Some following left luggage offices will guarantee an optimum treatment:


  1. Rooms must have gone back to their origin state (boxes, cables, etc.), except opposite specification of the technician during the creation of the file back;
  2. The origin packing must be kept, as many as possible. Themselves allow to assure the transport of the product in good conditions. We draw your attention particularly to the packing of peripherals (printers, screens) and of case PC, which are difficult to replace;
  3. Tags affixed on products by the constructor are necessary to benefit entirely from guarantee;
  4. Address where the equipment will be returned after its treatment is pointed out on the tag given by our services. If you want to make it change, inform about it our our customer service before sending your package. Do not link note in the package, this one will not be able to be taken into account by our SAV;
  5. Wrap elements with materials absorbing shocks. Disposed in sufficient quantity all around the object, they will avoid any deterioration of your product during its transportation;